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Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7


Performers Showcase & teen band contest - 1st. Sat of each month

Fresh BC Talent Quest - SEASON 7

Presents Fresh BC Talent and Penticton's 1st

T E E N  B A N D  C O M P E T I T I O N

WINNER Performs at Penticton Peachfest - August 2019 


(Instrumental, Dance, Capella, R&R, Jazz, Indie Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, etc)


Teen Bands or Groups may consist of all "Girl or Boy groups" or mixed.

Must have [ 3+ ] members Ages 9 up to 18 yrs. to qualify. 


Location: Tugs Tap House

260 Martin St. Penticton, BC. * Ph: 250 490 0304           

  Saturday, June 1

LAST CHANCE for Teen Bands to Enter - $$$ Prizes to top 3 Acts.

Must signed up by May 31 deadline.


Band Registration Info:

    TEEN BAND Information and CONDITIONS

    Band Group email Registration MUST include:

    *Band Name, Members names, Ages, Instruments played, *Parent info

    *NOTE: If you do not have a band / group NAME try to have a name by FINALS

Signing up please indicate the following for each band or group member:

Full name, Age, vocals / instruments eg.Bob Smith, 14 yrs /bass, Barb Jones, 13 yrs /singer, ..etc,

REQUIRED: Parent contact name & phone # required.  

REQUIRE band set [song] list for Judges in performance order of 1st, 2nd song etc..         


    RULES: TEEN Band or Group members can only compete with (1) band only to avoid "any conflict of interest " with either band or group / other.

    #1 REQUIRE to perform a (30) minute set consisting of six (6) songs.

    #2 REQUIRE List of (6) Song Titles & Artist name to be submitted for Approval and for Judges including FINALS. Email Denis in advance your show date.

    #3 In the event of 2 / 3 bands doing the same song(s) in the FINALS all bands contacted. Band submitting their songs/ title first have first option to keep list. *Others have option to change or keep their song choice.

    #4 Songs Approval based on [verse / chorus] and may not contain any message(s) deemed inappropriate for guests or families attending our show.

    #5 Applies to swearing or remarks directed to all groups of faith, race, color, and or gender in any form of disrespect to person(s) or group(s) in the lyrics.

    #6 NO Foul language Please at venue or during your stage performance

    #7 BANDS / Groups compete on 1st Sat. of each month up to June 1st.  

    #8 All Minors MUST be accompanied by parent or w/Adult 19+ yrs

    #9 All band / group members to be Supportive of all Competitors at show

    #10 Event of TIE - Both acts may move on to the FINALS

    NOTE: All scores kept Confidential and Property of Fresh BC Talent Quest 

    NOTE: NO Preliminary Round and or Finals scores Announced.

    ***************** <<< >>> ******************

Teen Band Show Finals

Tugs Tap House – Saturday, June 22nd

FINALS Show time: 1:30 PM

Bands Perform 3 songs [ 20 min. set ] for Finals

Special Guest Performers at show

Teen Band WINNER to


    TEEN Bands can REGISTER by email or call

     cmelive@yahoo.com by May 31 deadline to register.

    Show Contact Person / Info: 250 460. 2221 (ABC1)



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